Sunday, Sep 12, 2021 @ 7:00 AM
This Event Took Place Sun. Sep 12, 2021


Tunxis Ultra is part of the Blue Blazed Trail Running Series.

We are offering two distances this year: 60K (37.5 miles) and 30K (18.75 miles).

The start times are staggered by distance:

  • 60K starts at 6 AM, which is 20 minutes before dawn, but during civil twilight. Please bring a light in case you decide that you need it.
  • 30K starts at 7 AM.

The Tunxis Trail Ultramarathon is a challenging, technical trail race through the Tunxis Trail system in Burlington, CT. The Tunxis Trail is part of the Blue Blazed hiking trail system managed by Connecticut Forest and Parks Association. We, the Burlington Land Trust, is holding the race as a fundraiser. There are options for an 30K mile “fun run” (in honor of the Barkley Marathons) and a 60K Ultramarathon.

The courses consist of lovely double track, single track, half track, off track, a little bit of road and maybe some prickers, if we don’t get to brush hogging some bits of the trail. The 30K and 60K course takes you to all of the “world famous” landmarks of Burlington trails: Sessions Woods, Mile of Ledges, Tory Den, Johnnycake Mountain, the CT State Trout Hatchery, Perry’s Lookout, Nassahegan State Forest, and Devil’s Kitchen.

The official 30K and 60K course map is on CalTopo.

COVID-19 Precautions

After the race, we dispose of all and belongings left behind.

There will be aid stations every 3-4 miles, including the start/finish, with water. Prepackaged snacks will be available at the start/finish and at the 12 mile aid station.

Runners who drop from the race on-course will need to make their own arrangements to get back to their car.

There will be a drop bag area, please provide social distant spacing between bags.

All runners and volunteers will need to fill out a COVID screener before participating.

The post-race food options will be pre-packaged under sanitary conditions, and all food will be distributed by gloved volunteers.

Bib pickup will start at 5 am on Race day.

Local time: 8:06 PM


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