Saturday, Aug 20, 2022 @ 7:00 AM
This Event Took Place Sat. Aug 20, 2022

Never Never Land

The 9th Annual is on tap! Come get weird in the woods with us! This is a trail race where EVERYONE is a WINNER, EVERYONE is welcomed, and nobody but you really cares if you actually finish first. Each racer gets a a bodacious finisher prize bag that DOUBLE exceeds the actual cost of your entry in retail value. Some racers will also get BONUS prizes for random contests within the race. The BONUS prizes range from $10-$170 in retail. YUP, you read that right! Yes, YOU! Hood River is an amazing community. As a racer, you will come to love our trails, meet local volunteers out on the course, as well as partake in local businesses prizing you out upon finishing... with your DESTINY redemption card and special prize sack! This is a CUP-LESS race! Come enjoy some self inflicted suffering and get SPECTACULAR prizes from local businesses and brand sponsors (everyone is a winner, so you all get the prizes!;-) All racers must carry water bottle (24 oz min., or hydration pack. No transfers or rollovers. No pets, but your own wild animal self on race course, and zero earbuds, the animals are allergic to them, all of them! Visit the race website for more details on your adventure! Wild and free we roam! SWEET camping is just 15 minutes away at the NEWLY fresh opened KINGSLEY RES! Course is a fun, exciting and rowdy foot dance. About 2,300 ft of elevation gain and several multiple mountain views on the OR and WA side, as well as mini waterfalls along bridge creek crossings! 2 Official aid stations, bonus other stations for entertainment and snack/refreshment purposes. Friends in costumes cheering you on in random places with random treats AND a puppy petting popsicle station! This is where the party meets the trail, come along and do a little foot dance in Hood River, OR!;-)
No refunds-rollovers-or transfers.
Visit website for more information.

Event's current local time: 2:41 AM PT


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