Saturday, Sep 3, 2022

Blue Heron Hundreds

4865 Arrowhead Landing Road

Mooresville, AL 100 Mile, 100K, 20 Miler

This Event Took Place Sat. Sep 3, 2022

General Information

Join us Labor Day weekend for North Alabama's first 100 mile, 100k, 20-mile fun run and relays at the lovely Wheeler Wildlife Refuge. Wheeler National Wildlife Refuge was established in 1938 as a wintering area for ducks, geese, and other migratory birds. The refuge attracts thousands of wintering waterfowl and cranes each year and is home to the endangered whooping crane who first arrived in 2004. The great blue heron is a regular at the refuge, and you will most likely see at least one during your run. A donation from the race will be made to Wheeler Wildlife Refuge Association (WWRA). We are honored to be able to help expand their conservation mission.

Course information

- Cut off for all events is 32 hours.

Courses will be run on soft crushed gravel and dirt roads in Wheeler Refuge.
100 mi—The course will begin with a 3.4 mile loop, then participants will run 5 of the 19.4 loops.
100km- The course will begin with a 3.4 mile loop, then participants will run 3 of the 19.4 mile loops, with a short .7 mile add on at the end before finishing.
20mi- The course will do a short .7 add on at the beginning, then participants will run a 19.4 mile loop.

Aid: There will be water for runners after the 3.4 mile loop.
Then the distances between aid station will be 4.8, 4.6, 5.4 and 4.5 for each 19.4 mile loop.

Aid station mileage:
20 mile—5.4, 9.9, 15.3, 20

100km—3.4 water only
Loop 1: 8.2, 12.8, 18.2, 22.7
Loop 2: 27.5, 32.1, 37.5, 42
Loop 3: 46.8, 51.4, 56.8, 61.3 (extra .65ish to 62)

100mi—3.4 water only
Loop 1: 8.2, 12.8, 18.2, 22.7
Loop 2: 27.5, 32.1, 37.5, 42
Loop 3: 46.8, 51.4, 56.8, 61.3
Loop 4: 66.1, 70.7, 76.1, 80.6
Loop 5: 85.4, 90, 95.4, 100

Aid stations will have water, powerade, sword powder, coke, mtn. dew, sprite, ginger ale, chips, candy, pb&js, cookies, peanut butter pretzels, salt ect. The start/finish aid station and the one you hit twice during the loop (the first, third on the loop) will also have soup, potatoes, quesadillas, and coffee.

We will have a port-o-potty at the start/finish area and at the 2nd aid station in the loop.

See event pictures for maps of the course.

Events information

The 100k/100 mile race starts at 6am on Sat, Sept. 2nd. The 20 mile race starts at 7am.
The cutoff is 32 hours. (Sunday, Sept. 4th at 2pm)
!00k runners can have a pacer for their last loop (beginning at around mile 42)
100 mile runners can have a pacer starting at about mile 42. (For the last 3 loops)

Pacers must check in at the start/finish area to sign a waiver before they begin with their runner.

!00k/100 milers can have one drop bag. It will be placed at the 1st and 3rd aid station of each loop, so it can be accessed twice per loop. Please have them in the bin at the start/finish area before 5:30 am.

Crewing is only allowed at the start/finish area, so please do not try to access any other parts of the course. Much of it is behind locked gates, so it would be impossible for you to get too far into the course anyway.

Each runner of any of the distances will receive a blue heron medal. The hundred mile finishers will also receive a custom belt buckle. The overall male and female in the 20 mile, 100km, and 100 mile will receive a special award.

100 milers will get to park along the driveway of the start/finish area, which leads to and from the turn-around/aid station, so they will have opportunity to get aid from their crew or from their car easily. The 100k runners will get to park along the street at the top of the driveway and beyond, so they, too, can easily have access to their cars and aid. There will also be places to set up a canopy tent to use for crewing along the driveway. The 20 milers will park in the parking lot and on a street about .2 miles from the start/finish area on Mooresville Road.

Schedule of events

August 1, 2022: Price increases
August 31, 2022: Online registration closes

Saturday, September 3, 2022:
5:15-5:45am Packet pickup at race site
6 am Start of 100mi, 100k, 100m relay, and 100k relay
6:15-6:45am: Packet pickup at race site
7 am: Start of 20-mile fun run

Sunday, September 4, 2022
8:00 am: Cut off time to start last loop
2:00 pm: Course closes

Local time: 5:18 AM


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