Saturday, Feb 12, 2011
This Event Took Place Sat. Feb 12, 2011

NEW FOR 2021

We are introducing a 25k option in 2021! Check out our page October 1, 2020 to see our new website and event details.

*COVID has impacted all our lives and the events we participate in. We will keep all runners informed on changes through our website. Check back periodically for updates to meals, aid stations, crew requirement, pre-race check-in, lodging, etc.*

COVID-19 updates

Please email the RD with questions using the “contact us” link on our website.

Lodging - Holiday Lake 4H camp has been hosting overnight groups since summer and has put in place mitigation plans for guests. This will impact how many heated bunks are available for runners this year. We will cap heated bunks at 45, which is 50% of their capacity. The camp also offers 12 un-heated cabins with 4 bunks in each that are well suited for runners coming as a group who prefer to bunk together. There is a $20 charge for staying in the bunkhouses and $15 for unheated cabins.

Tent camping is always an option as there is lots of open space in the field adjacent to the start/finish line. There is a $5 charge for tent camping.

There are also two hotels in Appomattox. Links to the hotels are on our website.


The Holiday Lake 25k/50k is a single/double loop course circling Holiday Lake itself as well as using country roads and trails in that area. It is a great FIRST ultra event with over 2,000 feet of elevation gain. The weather can be from nice and pleasant to running in a foot of snow. Aid stations are located approximately every 4 miles. Runners start and finish at the Holiday Lake 4H Educational Center. The pre-race meal and lodging are all available at the 4H Center. Awards are presented to all sub 8 hour finishers.

Local time: 1:41 AM


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