August 28 - 29, 2020
This Event Took Place Sat. Aug 29, 2020

Cancelled Event (updated 7/20)


Special Registration Note (as of 7/9)

At this time we've paused registration for the Thunderbunny Trail Races. We have presented a "COVID-19 Race Plan" to the Athens County Health Department and the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, the permitting agency that we must receive approval from, in hopes that the Thunderbunny Trail Races will be approved. This plan implements event procedures and policies that we hope will gain the approval of our permitting agencies in order for us to have the event, in a safe manner. Earlier, ODNR announced that they revoked all events in ODNR operated properties (such as state parks) through July 15. There is uncertainty about the future of that process within ODNR, but we have reached out and presented our plan to them; we think it's best to halt registration until a more clear answer is given with permitting. If you are currently registered, please know that we have worked and will work on doing what is necessary for Thunderbunny to take place. Thanks for your patience, we will update everyone as soon as more information is available.

Thank you,

Event Description

Back for a 5th edition! - Athens County’s first ever ultramarathon! The Thunderbunny 50K comes to Strouds Run State Park and will show off some of the best trails in the region and give participants a great experience, whether you are a first timer or a trail veteran. The course starts and ends on the famous 3 mile Thunderbunny Trail, and in between runners will complete a loop around Dow Lake and run up and over a ridge to overlook the city of Athens! With the course boasting 95% singletrack trail, this will quickly turn into a favorite for pure trail runners. While showcasing some of the great Appalachian Foothills that Athens is known for, this is also a very runnable course so it is a perfect option for your first ultramarathon or first trail race! Along with the 50K, there will be two shorter course options of 25K and 12K to choose from.

Basic Details

Registration Opens: November 2019

Permits: This event is held in accordance with special use permits from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources for Strouds Run State Park. Please be considerate of the land and other users to ensure the future of the Thunderbunny.

*NEW FOR 2020!*
The 12K will now be on Friday evening, with the 50K and 25K on Saturday.

Dates: May 8-9, 2020
Location: Strouds Run State Park
Distance: 50K, 25K, 12K

Race Day Schedules:
12K Pre-Race Meeting: 4:40pm
12K Race Start: 5pm
12K Race Close: 8pm

50K and 25K Pre-Race Meeting: 7:40am
50K and 25K Race Start: 8am
50K and 25K Race Close: 5pm (9 hour cutoff)

50K and 25K Cutoff Information:
The course cutoff for the Thunderbunny 50K and 25K is 9 hours. Please view the 50K and 25K aid station charts on the course information pages to see a detailed chart of these cutoff times. The 25K cutoff will coincide with the 50K cutoff times. Both races cutoff requirements will begin at the Dow Lake Dam Aid Station.

Please note that the cutoff times are when aid stations will pull you from the course. Please respect the organizers decision of cutoff times and understand these times when entering Thunderbunny. If you arrive at an aid station after the cutoff times you will be told to stop the race, and will be transported back to the finish line.<

12K Cutoff Information:
While we do not have a hard cutoff for the 12K course, with the race starting at 5:00pm on Friday evening, we are encouraging everyone to be aware of the sunset time of 8:30pm. If you think you will take longer than ~3 hours, please be prepared and ready to carry a headlamp or light with you. 3 hours for the 12K is 24 minute pace per mile.

New for 2020!

Starting in 2020, the 12K race distance will be held on Friday evening instead of Saturday morning.

Participants now have the option to run the 12K on Friday and either the 25K or 50K on Saturday morning and receive a special "Thunder" or "Bunny" combo award!

"Thunder" Combo (50K+12K)
"Bunny" Combo (25K+12K)

Runners that complete the above combos will receive a special finishers award!

Registration and Pricing

No Paper Registration or Race-Day Registration. All participants must register online before the race close deadline or before the race fills.
This race is limited to 300 participants in Friday's 12K and 300 runners in Saturday's 25K and 50K (combined). Once we reach those capacities regular registration will be closed immediately, and we will move to a waitlist (see below).
To register and pay online follow this link or click the registration tab above and complete the race registration instructions. You will receive confirmation e-mail upon completion.

50K: $60 after opening, $70 after Dec. 1, $80 after Feb. 1
25K: $40 after opening, $50 after Dec. 1, $60 after Feb. 1
12K: $25 after opening, $30 after Dec. 1, $35 after Feb. 1

Combination Registration:
Register for the 50K or 25K on Saturday AND the 12K race on Friday evening!
50K + 12K (combo): $70 after opening, $80 after Dec. 1, $90 after Feb. 1
25K + 12K (combo): $50 after opening, $60 after Dec. 1, $70 after Feb. 1

Registration officially closes: Monday May 4th, 2020

*There is a small processing fee that is charged when registering on You also have to option to create an account on before registering. We will be hosting our registration for future SEOTR events here.*

Walkers are welcome to register for the Thunderbunny 12K!

Capacity and Waitlist

Once the 12K registration reaches 300 participants and the 25K and 50K reach 300 total participants regular registration will be closed, but you'll still be able to register for the waitlist until the registration close date.

As runners withdraw from the race leading up to the event, the next person on the waitlist will be notified and will have the opportunity to move onto the entry list.

The next person invited into the race from the waitlist will coincide with what race the person withdrawing was in. (ex. someone from 50K withdraws, someone on the waitlist for the 50K is invited in).

You do not get charged to be on the waitlist, and your credit card will only be charged the entry fee once you accept your invite from the waitlist. You'll be notified via email once this happens, and you'll have the option to accept or decline your entry. We will accept people off the waitlist until the registration close date on the Monday before the race.

Participant Swag and Awards

Performance Shirts:
Each entrant will receive a technical short-sleeve race shirt with a special Thunderbunny design on the front! Shirts are gender specific and you'll be able to select 'unisex' or 'female' styled sizes when registering. If you are a female and wish to have a traditionally cut shirt, simply select a "unisex" size when registering.

Finishers Award:
Finishers of the 25K and 50K will receive a finishers award at the finish line! Finishers awards vary from years to year, and we do not typically hand out medals. It is up to the race organization on what the finishers award is. 12K runners will not receive an award when finishing, unless you earn a category award (below).

Category Awards
1st Place Overall M/F
2nd Place Overall M/F
3rd Place Overall M/F
4th Place Overall M/F
5th Place Overall M/F

1st Place Master (40-49) M/F
1st Place Grandmaster (50-59) M/F
1st Place Supermaster (60+) M/F

1st Place Overall M/F
2nd Place Overall M/F
3rd Place Overall M/F

1st Place Master (40-49) M/F
1st Place Grandmaster (50-59) M/F
1st Place Supermaster (60+) M/F

1st Place Overall M/F
2nd Place Overall M/F
3rd Place Overall M/F

*Separate awards will be presented to the 12K College Runners, who will make up the Collegiate Trail Running National Championship. For all information about the Collegiate Trail Running National Championship, and the prize money and awards associated with it, please see below.

CRA Trail National Championship

SEOTR and Thunderbunny is excited to partner with the Collegiate Running Association (CRA) to bring the Collegiate Trail Running National Championship to the Thunderbunny 12K Race! Now college students, regardless of experience, ability, or age, will have the opportunity to join other college students to compete in a trail running championship, and they'll be able to do it right here in beautiful Athens, Ohio and Strouds Run State Park, home to Ohio University!

Whether you're a college student competing on a division 1 varsity team, or a recreational college runner, you will be able to compete for Prize Money at the Thunderbunny 12K. Come join the Thunderbunny family, and register for the Collegiate Trail Running Championship today!

All details on the championship portion of the Thunderbunny events are listed below. Please use the quick links below to see all official information on the Collegiate Running Association website.

How it works?
When registering for the Thunderbunny 12K, you'll be asked if you've been enrolled in a college course since January 1st. If you select "YES" to that question, your information will be sent to the Collegiate Running Association and you'll be included in the Collegiate Trail National Championship.

You'll toe the line for the Thunderbunny 12K, along with "general public" runners in the 12K, and then results for the college students will be separated to show the Trail Championship results. The top 5 college runners will be presented an award, as well as prize money being distributed by the CRA to the top 3 men and women college runners. College students will not be eligible for the "general public" category awards/.

Prize Money
The Collegiate Running Association will provide $3,000 of prize money distributed evenly to the top men and women. Non college students are not eligible for this prize money.

1st college male and female: $750
2nd college male & female: $500
3rd college male & female: $250

Category Awards:
SEOTR will present category awards to the Top 5 college men & women. These are separate from the "general public" category awards.

Rules and Policies

Waiver Form:
To participate in the Thunderbunny Trail Races you are required to complete and sign all waivers. If under the age of 18 yrs old, a parent or guardian must sign waiver form.

Refund/Deferment Policy:
Like most events of this nature and because items for the event are purchased months in advance of the race, the Thunderbunny Trail Races cannot provide full refunds close to the race date, but we follow a refund schedule that will help give a little back to those who need to withdraw from the race. Our "Refund Window" is as follows:
45 or more days before the race = 100% refund
20-44 days before the race = 50% refund

To request a refund:
You must log into your UltraSignup account, then go into your "Registration History". Once you find the race you want to withdraw from click "edit" and then "cancel registration." At this point you'll be prompted to request your refund. The refund will be automatically applied back to your card. Please note that in some cases a bank will not accept a refund back onto a credit card, and in that case the race director will be notified and will send your refund via a check through the mail, once the race is complete.

If you don't have an UltraSignup account, please email the race director and the process will be completed manually.

Deferment Policy:
Once the above "Refund Window" has closed runners may "Roll Over" 50% of their entry price to the next year's event until 7 days before the event. Inside 7 days before the event we will not process any refunds or accept any deferments.

To request a deferment:
To defer your entry into next years event once the "refund window" has ended you must email the race director.
Once your entry has been "rolled over" to next year's event you will be removed to the current year's race, then receive an invite into the next year's event via email once that registration has opened.
Your rollover credit is only valid for one year and cannot be applied to other events, or for races over a year in advance.

Transfer Policy:
SEOTR does not allow transfer of bibs at any of our races and strictly prohibits runners selling their bibs to other runners, wearing someone else's bib, or recreating a look-a-like. This is considered"Banditing" and it will get you banned to all future SEOTR events.

Distance Switch:
Participants may transfer distances until 4 day prior to the event. If you made an account on UltraSignup while registering you can do this yourself; otherwise, notify the race director.

Cancellation Policy:
The Thunderbunny Trail Run will take place rain or shine unless conditions become unsafe. The Race Director will have the authority to make changes in order to best meet the group’s interests and the safety of participants, volunteers and spectators in case of extreme weather. The Race Director will determine if and when the event shall be postponed, resumed, or canceled. Refunds will not be given if the race has to be cancelled, but free entry upon next scheduled date will be given.

Local time: 12:27 AM


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