Saturday, Jun 27, 2020 @ 8:30 AM
This Event Took Place Sat. Jun 27, 2020

About the Course

The Sharp Top 25k and 50k are part of the Rocksylvania Trail Series for 2021.

Sharp Top 25k and 50k races utilize the Old Loggers Path in northern Lycoming County. The Old Loggers Path is a 27-mile loop with its trail head in the ghost town of Masten, Pa. The 50k utilizes the entirety of the Old Loggers path with additional trails to bring the race to the 50k mark. Elevation is 4800 ft and the course is almost entirely trail. The highlight of the course is the namesake of the race, the Sharp Top Vista. At 2080 ft above sea level, be sure to take some time at the aid station and take in the extensive view southward over the Allegheny Plateau.

The 25k course follows the 50k course on the Old Loggers Path, but will split to make a shorter loop ending at Masten while still affording participants the opportunity to experience Sharp Top. In addition to experiencing Sharp Top Vista and several other scenic views participants will enjoy sections of the course that allow for amazing views of Pleasant Stream, Long Run, Doe Run and Rock Run throughout the course. You will be crossing Pleasant Stream and your feet will most likely get wet!

The Start/Finish

The race headquarters and start/finish will be located in the ghost town of Masten. Yes, a true ghost town. Please don’t expect to have cell service. This race is completely off the grid with no electricity or running water available. While this adds complexity to the race, we are very thorough in our planning and will have adequate facilities and potable water along with a great post-race party.

Accessing the Start/Finish (AKA Masten):
The best access to Masten is from Rt 87 North out of Montoursville. It is approximately 1 hour from Montoursville to Masten, with the last several miles on dirt road. There is plenty of parking at Masten, however parking is in a mowed field so plan accordingly. This is not a sports car friendly race!

WE CANNOT EMPHASIZE ENOUGH that the easiest way to access Masten for those traveling north is from Rt. 87. Flooding in 2016 took out major sections of Pleasant Stream Road, the major access point from Rt 14. Do NOT attempt to travel to Masten from PA Route 14 via Pleasant Stream. While Pleasant Stream was slated to re-open in the fall of 2020, COVID slowed progress on the project. If the road is open by race day, it will be indicated in your pre-race email. Those traveling from the north should have no problems accessing Masten from 154. We will be sending detailed directions to those who register for the race as race day approaches.


Primitive camping is available in Masten. This is not a larger RV accessible area. I will be leaving the camper behind and tent camping for the duration of the race. DCNR does not require a permit for primitive camping at Masten for campers spending one night. Sites will be first come-first served; however with approximately 40 sites, we should be able to accommodate all campers. There appear to be several Airbnb rentals within 30 minutes of Masten, however please book at your own risk. We are not endorsing them for the race, just letting you know they exist. Major hotel chains of all varieties can be found in Williamsport, an hour from the race start/finish.

Local History

This area of Pennsylvania is steeped in logging history and Masten was once a small bustling community that sprung up as a result of this once booming industry in 1905. It thrived until 1930 when most of the valuable timber had been harvested and the last resident left in 1941. The residents of Masten harvested mostly Eastern Hemlock necessary for tanning leather and the abundant hardwoods. The timber was transported on two narrow gauge railroad lines, which now are partly incorporated into the Old Loggers Path. Currently, Masten serves as the official trail head of the Old Loggers Path and has plenty of camp sites within the former town footprint. The largest relic of the town is the large stone chimney that stands to this day.

Special Considerations

With the remote location we ask you consider the following to help us make this race a success:
• Have your directions ready before you head out if you are unfamiliar with the area. Plan on not having cell service long before you arrive at Masten.
• Every piece of trash must be transported out of the start/finish by the organizers. There is no trash pick-up by DCNR in Masten. Please do what is within our power to reduce trash.
• Every drop of water has to be transported to the start/finish and the aid stations. Please use potable water for drinking only.
• Not only is this race remote, but so are the aid stations. We will be providing great aid stations so please be sure to thank the volunteers who are willing make sure you have what you need throughout the day.
• Enjoy the beauty of Lycoming County. We are truly excited to share the Old Loggers Path with the trail community for this first time event! We wouldn’t be doing the race at this location if we didn’t think it would be worth it to the participants.

Local time: 4:28 PM


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