Saturday, Aug 13, 2022 @ 6:00 PM
This Event Took Place Sat. Aug 13, 2022

In Person Event

This year's event will be at Schiller Woods West in Chicago, IL!
This will be the most fun you have ever had.

Some Race Tips
A lot of folks run roads and are coming to this race having never run trails before. This is okay we have 60% of the folks running a trail race for the first time. The course is a mix of single track trail. We HIGHLY recommend trail shoes. Road shoes mean you’re higher up and more likely to roll an ankle.

Required Gear
You MUST have a headlamp to participate. No Exceptions! A flashlight is not acceptable! Get a headlamp with at least 150 lumens and new or freshly charged batteries before the start. If you think you will be near cutoff, bring an extra set of batteries.
It’s ALL fun and games through the woods on the easy trails to the finish. Everyone is encouraged to dress up!!

CUSS Running

CUSS Running
Curious Ultrarunner's Secret Society was established to inject a sense of whimsy into training calendars, split times, and fartleks. Our goal is to build a community that creates a space for the individual to fall in love with the magic of running.


To help others fall in love with ultrarunning.


To make you & the world slightly better through laughter & pain.

BIPOC & LGBTQ+ Entries
One of the things we strive for is to create inclusion and equality in the running
community. As much as we want to say that all you need to run is a pair of
shoes, we know the reality is much more complex.
To create intentional space for people, we have a number of free entries for our
races that we would like to extend to BIPOC and LGBTQ+
athletes. We would like to emphasize that these are not need based or
scholarships. These entries are an affirmation of belonging in our community. We
are not in any way publicly advertising who accepts an entry, and you do not
have to be an out member of the LGBTQ+ community to receive one. We are not
questioning or asking for additional information from anyone who asks for a code,
they will be handed out as long as we have funding to do so.
If you would like a code, please email us at . We
have earmarked funds for both BIPOC and LGBTQ+. Please feel free to share this offer with friends.

Entrance Policy for Transgender Athletes
We will accept each entrant’s declared gender at face value, and no additional supporting
evidence is required. Athletes may register as the gender they identify with.

Entrance Policy for Non-Binary Athletes
People whose gender is not male or female; including but not limited to: genderqueer, agender, bigender. We want to acknowledge, respect, and provide opportunity in the registration process to express their desired pronouns. Please email after registration and we will amend our records as Ultrasignup does not currently have that option.

Refund Policy

Refund Policy

As a runner it’s inevitable that you’re going to register for a race that at some point later on you’re unfortunately not going to be able to start for one reason or another. It happens to all of us, especially as race registrations need to open months in advance of the races themselves, and life happens during those interim months: Injuries, work, family emergencies, etc. We assure you we get it; we really do. And we strive to be as understanding and cooperative as we practically and financially can.
But just because the race hasn’t happened yet doesn’t mean we haven’t already incurred significant expenses related to that race. We pay taxes on the income from the entry fees; we pay for permits, insurance, and supplies (including race shirts, buckles and other awards) For all of these reasons and more we cannot offer refunds or transfers.

Event's current local time: 8:32 AM CT


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