Saturday, Aug 5, 2023 @ 12:01 AM

The Kauai 50 Miler

Old Koloa Town

Koloa, HI The Kauai 50

Registration closes: Sun, Jul 2 @ 11:59 PM

Course Elevation


The race starts at an elevation of 213 ft in Koloa Town. From Koloa Town runners will pass through Lawai (elevation of 554 ft). Distance from Koloa Town to Lawai is approximately 3 miles. From Lawai runners will run 2 miles into Kalaheo (elevation of 682 ft ). From there runners will go down into Eleele (elevation below 100ft) approximately 4 miles away from Kalaheo. From Eleele runners will continue for 1 mile into Hanapepe (elevation of 92 ft). From Hanapepe runners will pass through Kaumakani in approximately 2 miles (elevation of 151 ft). From Kaumakani runners go for another 2 miles passing Pakala Village (elevation approx. 40 ft). Then from Pakala runners go approximately 2.5 miles and arrive at the town of Waimea (elevation 9 ft). Runners will then run 11 miles up Waimea Canyon Drive which turns into Kokee Rd. Runners will reach the Waimea Canyon Lookout (elevation of approximately 3300 ft) completing a gain of roughly 3300 ft. over 11 miles! From the Waimea Canyon lookout runners will run down the mountain and runners will take Kokee Rd all the way into Kekaha (elevation of 10 ft ) for a total of 11 miles from the Waimea Canyon lookout. From Kekaha runners will run 3.5 miles into Waimea (elevation of 10 ft ). From Waimea runners again go through Pakala Village in 2.5 miles (elevation approx. 40 ft). And from Pakala Village runners go another 2 miles into Kauamakani (elevation of 151 ft). Runners will then race their final 2 miles into Hanapepe (elevation of 92 ft) and finish in Hanapepe stadium overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

Runner Safety

We are working closely with GP Roadway Solutions to make this race the safest it can possibly be for all runners, volunteers, and bystanders in the race. GP Roadway Solutions currently works with Ironman Kona and the Kauai Marathon and has a very strong track record when it comes to traffic control plans for events of this nature. The race will start at midnight and so all runners will be forced to wear headlamps, reflective vests, and blinking lights until sunrise. We will provide reflective traffic cones, lighting in some areas that are dark, road signs, and off-duty Kauai Police officers to aid with street crossings. We plan on having Waimea Canyon Drive closed for runners running up the 11 mile climb to the Waimea Canyon Lookout. And we also plan on having Kokee Road closed for runners running down the 16 mile stretch into Kekaha. There are always risks associated with running whether it is on a trail or on a road. We will do our best to control what we can to make this race the most enjoyable and safe for all runners and participants.


In the very unlikely situation, The Kauai 50 does not take place, all registered participants will receive a full refund for their race signup!

Prize Money Distributions


Race Purse Explanation

The race director Brady Silverwood, is an ultra runner himself and has even completed a solo cross country run spanning from Keansburg, New Jersey to San Diego, California- a total distance of 3,311 Miles. He is very familiar with ultra running and has always wished that more races in the sport rewarded runners more than they do. What better way to ignite the change, then incorporating a huge race purse himself in The Kauai 50. Aside from running, In 2018. Brady sold Sunny Co Clothing, the worldwide Swimsuit Brand that can be found online or in retail stores like Marshalls across the nation. In addition, Brady is a part owner in industrial and residential real estate properties across Southern California. Brady has invested over $100,000 into this race including the $50,000 race purse mentioned above.

Race Cutoff Times

The first cutoff time during the race will be at Mile 25. Runners will need to reach this checkpoint by 6:31 AM, or they will be unable to continue the course. In order to complete the course in time and receive a finishers medal, all runners will need to cross the finish line before 1:01 PM (for a total cutoff time of 13 hours) .

Aid Stations

The Kauai 50 plans on having 12 aid stations throughout the race, approximately every 4 miles. More information on exact locations of aid stations will be disclosed closer to race.

Destination Info/ Where to Stay

Kauai was recently ranked 7th as the best island in the world by 97% of Kauai is composed of undeveloped mountains and rainforests. Not only can you compete in one of the best new ultra races, but you can also enjoy one of the most sought after destinations in the world along with your family or/and friends. We recommend runners stay in Poipu. The town of Poipu is only a few miles from the start of the race in Koloa Town and is home to some of the grandest beachfront hotels on the Island.

Race Gear

Due to the 12:01 am start, all runners will be expected to wear reflective vests, blinking lights, and headlamps to increase runner safety. This will be in effect until sunrise on the day of the race. If a runner is seen not wearing this safety gear they will be immediately disqualified from the race.

Sponsorships or Race Questions

If you would like your brand to be associated with the Inaugural Kauai 50 Race or you simply have a race question, please email our race director at the following: .

Local time: 9:31 PM
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