Sunday, Sep 6, 2020

Walk in the Park

2250 Trans-Canada Hwy

Kamloops, BC 50K, 25K, 14K

This Event Took Place Sun. Sep 6, 2020

Cancelled Event


The WITP, although a passion of mine, is NOT my livelihood as it is for some other event directors. I don’t depend on the WITP to put a roof over my head or food in my fridge. Given the SPREAD and SERIOUSNESS of the Covid outbreak, in deferring to 2021 I hope this takes into account my concern and consideration for the participants, those around us, and also for those RDs depending on their events as a livelihood and seeking an open weekend to reschedule their own event to if the current situation improves between now and September.

THANK YOU for checking out the WITP... and if you haven't made plans in your race schedule already or are looking for an alternative to the WITP, you might want to consider instead checking out, or keeping tabs on a Dirty Feet Series ( trail running event scheduled for Sun Peaks the following weekend.

Keep tabs on the FB page for info and anticipate that registration will open up March 5th 2021, 6 months out from the event date. Hope to see you all again NEXT YEAR :) .


The majority of trails selected for the WITP consist of somewhat rolling double and single-track trail. The route winds through sagebrush desert and Ponderosa Pine/Douglas Fir forest. A pine bark beetle epidemic a decade ago took a heavy toll on Ponderosa Pine so shade cover can be minimal, especially on south facing slopes. Approximately 0.75km of graded gravel road is necessary on each lap to traverse between trail heads. There are a few short steep sections on the course requiring some care and attention to footing. Each lap constitutes approximately 860m of elevation gain. Participants should note that, although weather conditions have varied throughout the years, it can be very warm on the September long weekend with the thermometer creeping into the high 20s and even 30s.

Limited Entry

Total event participation on race day will be limited to 100 in total, with intermediate registration caps set at 50 entries into the 50K and 25 into each of the 25k and 14k.

We account for a 15-20% drop rate prior to race day and have adjusted the intermediate entry caps accordingly at 55,30 and 30 respectively.

A waitlist will be started if the intermediate entry caps are reached and will be lifted on a first-come first-serve basis from the waitlist to maintain ONLY 100 Race Day Participants from the period of one month prior to race day up until race day.

GPS Tracks

There are Strava and ViewRanger segments created for the 14k and 25k loops.

Strava segments can be found here:

Viewranger segments are available for both Clockwise and Counterclockwise directions. They can be found here:


Participants are encouraged to sign up prior to the last month to take advantage of lower pricing, ensure a spot and to make the RD's job easier in planning for the event.

BC Athletics Members

As a Sanctioned BC Athletics event there is a discount available for BC Athletics COMPETITIVE Members ("Training" membership does not qualify) in good standing during the year event.


The WITP is a relatively small event with a reliable returning group of helpers but we are usually looking for a little extra help around (flagging and flouring) and on race day (timing, aid stations and BBQ). If you have a cheering squad who is interested in keeping occupied while you run yourself ragged on run day, please get in touch with the RD. We can also use section sweeps meaning that if you are a long-SLOW-distance kind of runner vying for the lawn chair award and your support crew would like to get in a little exercise while waiting for your sorry ass this would be an awesome way to help out.

In addition to access to the super-duper post race feast, all Volunteers are eligible for door prizes and also get the perk of being able to snack non-stop at the well stocked aid stations.

Local time: 7:03 PM


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