Saturday, Aug 27, 2022 @ 8:30 AM
This Event Took Place Sat. Aug 27, 2022

About the event

The Lost Forester Run of Pine Valley provides community and visiting runners a family friendly trail run on Saturday August 26, 2023 morning and a fund raiser for the Blue House Orphanage for 30 girls in Kazoo, Uganda.

The Lost Forester Run of Pine Valley run is a trail race with 3 options -- 5.5K or 11K on the ski or mountain bike trails that run through Pine Valley’s scenic pines and hardwoods, or 8 miles that run on the trails and off the trails.

Your participation in this race helps girls and young women grow in a safe, caring environment, and receive more education. With the support from Blue House, they can become independent adults, with a chance to beat the poverty that they faced as young, vulnerable children and orphans.


1) Have fun and stay safe.
2) Stay on the mowed ski trail or mountain bike trail or follow the orange ribbons.
3) Unused trails are blocked at intersections..
4) Finish the race by ringing the Lost Forester's dinner bell.
5) Stay afterwards for the Lost Forester's favorite breakfast - flapjacks and maple syrup.
6) Be aware of the bear.

Lost Forester - 5.5K

The Lost Forester 5.5K is one loop on the Pine Valley ski trail.

Lost Forester - 11K

The Lost Forester 11K is one loop on the Pine Valley ski trail and one loop on the Pine Valley West ski trail, which is a lollypop. There will be some running on the mountain bike trails.

Lost Forester - 8 miler

The Lost Forester 8 miler is one loop on the Pine Valley and Pine Valley West ski trails and on most of the mountain bike trails. There will also be times running off trail following a ribbon line.

Runners will have to collect an undetermined number of data cards with their bib number on the card. When they collect their data card, they will have to read the instructions on the card to determine where they go to next.

Wearing flannel is the shirt of choice for the Lost Forester. It may make the difference between a clean finish and a dirty finish.

Runners will have 90 minutes to have a clean finish. Over 90 minutes is a dirty finish.

To finish runners will need to run up the ski jump hill and ring the Lost Forester's dinner bell.

Lost Forester virtual 5.5K and 11K

Lost Forester 5.5K and 11K can now be done virtually. Just select the virtual option when signing up.

Event's current local time: 8:33 PM CT


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