Saturday, Jun 17, 2023 @ 6:00 AM

White Pine Solstice Runs

Middle Canyon Rd

Tooele, UT 55K, 8.5 Miler

This Event Took Place Sat. Jun 17, 2023

Utah Slam of Ultra Running

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White Pine

In the heart of the Oquirrh's lie White Pine & Settlement Canyons, divided by towering Kelsey Peak (10,373'), White Pine Peak (10,321'), and Tooele Peak (9,601'); to the east and north are Butterfield Peaks (9,370') and the Kennecott Mine Overlook (9,015')! These courses will take you up steep canyon roads; along beautiful single-track leading through groves of aspen and stands of pine; along rugged ridgelines overlooking Tooele, Salt Lake, and Utah Counties; and to the lofty summits of White Pine, Kelsey, Tooele, & Butterfield Peaks.

The 55k course will be very difficult, ascending the Kennecott Mine Overlook, as well as crossing over the main Oquirrh Crest twice, netting you ~13,500 ft of vert! The 8.5 mile course will appeal to the beginning and intermediate trail runner looking to experience some steep climbs and fast and furious downs.

Race Simply

We create our events, especially our courses, to give you a beautiful, challenging, fun experience, racing in Tooele County's Oquirrh Mountains!

Our prices are low. We don't give out gimmicky race entry bags full of clutter you'll never use. We don't hand out finisher's awards that will end up in a drawer somewhere. We don't play thumping music, announce finishers over a PA, or display flashy finish line arches.

The course is where it's at. Each year, we change up the course routes. Always with an eye for scenery and the challenge: what will the runner see as they're flying down steep single-track or as they crest a tough summit climb? Would it be more of a challenge to climb a mild dirt road or a rocky, technical ridgeline? Each of these distances will treat you to challenging trail/mountain conditions and beautiful views of the surrounding Oquirrh, Wasatch, & Stansbury Mountain Ranges, as well as the Tooele, Salt Lake, & Utah Valleys.

Our aid stations will be minimalist, but they will help you get to the finish line.

The vibe will be very low-key; but you'll face stiff competition, whichever distance you choose.

The top three men & women in each distance will receive a modest award.

We look forward to having you, and are excited to show off some off the great trails the Oquirrh's have to offer!

The Courses

The 55k will take you up gorgeous White Pine single-track, topping out at Butterfield Pass, then up the road to the Kennecott Mine Overlook (9,015'). After peering down into the open pit, descend to Butterfield Pass again, where you will ascend the Butterfield Peaks Trail, visiting Butterfield Peak East (9,370'). Next, you will head west, summiting White Pine Peak (10,323'), then north/northwest to visit Peak 9,712' & Tooele Peak (9,601'). The course will then have you descend into Left Hand Fork of Settlement Canyon, cruising along the "Bench Trail", down to the southeast side of Settlement Canyon Reservoir. After visiting your third and final aid station, you will head southeast up Settlement Canyon, attaining the "Ridge Trail", on your way back to Bear Trap Pass; back up to Tooele Peak, Peak 9,712', & White Pine Peak. From here, you will head south and bag Kelsey Peak (10,373'), then head east down to the top of White Pine Canyon. After descending through beautiful aspen groves, you will follow White Pine Canyon Rd back to the Start/Finish Area.

The 8.5 miler will take you up the White Pine single-track trail to Butterfield Pass, then up the Butterfield Peak Trail to Butterfield Peak East, then west down to the saddle at the top of White Pine Canyon, then 3 miles down the canyon, back to the finish.

A True Mountain Race

The 55k will be a true mountain race! 35% will be on rough/off-trail areas, 36% will be on single-track, 24% on dirt road, 4% on double-track, and 1% on pavement. 8 miles will be above 9,000 ft elevation, 2 miles of which will be above 10,000 ft. Lightning can be a potential hazard; rain, hail, even snow can fall at these elevations at this time of year.

At the beginning of the race, you have 3 and 5.1 miles between aid station stops; from aid station 2 to aid station 3, you have to traverse 11.7 miles, bagging Butterfield, White Pine, Peak 9,712', & Tooele Peaks in-between! From aid station 3 to the finish is another 12.9 miles, re-bagging Tooele, Peak 9,712', White Pine Peaks, and adding on Kelsey Peak!

We HIGHLY recommend you carry adequate hydration capacity, as well as food and gear for inclement weather!

Please do not sign up for this distance if this is your first 50k and/or you don't think you can handle 13k vert, and rough, rugged ridgelines.

That being said, we know that hard & difficult makes for life changing, memorable experiences! Just be judicious and wise in your decision to sign up for the 55k or not.

USATF Santioned

This event is USATF sanctioned.

Event's current local time: 1:02 AM MT


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