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Saturday, Aug 19, 2017 @ 5:00 AM


Oakridge OR 100K

176 Entrants 
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98.8%99.2%89:43:41 M23  Jeff Mogavero Havertown  PA          Results
95.0%96.2%1310:06:55 M30  Yew Ferrara Upper Lake  CA          Results
92.8%96.6%310:21:18 M22  Andrew Mannisto Verdi  NV          Results
90.7%94.5%1010:35:32 M39  Justin James-Long eugene  OR        photo Results
90.5%93.2%1910:37:26 M41  Rick Stilson Bend  OR          Results
90.4%97.8%2610:37:47 M56  Jarrow Wahman Duluth  MN        photo Results
88.9%95.1%2510:48:29 M48  Daniel Kono Berkeley  CA          Results
88.9%91.2%1910:48:42 M36  Chad Kilian Portland  OR          Results
88.8%93.7%510:49:39 M36  Timbo Jenkins Lexington  KY        photo Results
88.7%90.3%710:49:52 M38  Crispin Flowerday San Francisco  CA          Results
88.7%89.5%510:50:05 M30  Duke Wasteney La Grande  OR          Results
88.7%99.2%1910:50:05 M21  Ford Smith Boulder  CO        photo Results
88.4%94.5%4110:52:13 M45  Nathan Stroh Klamath Falls  OR      2 photo Results
88.0%90.4%1710:55:25 M32  Ezra Becker San Francisco  CA          Results
87.9%95.4%4110:55:42 M49  Robert Julian Phoenix  OR      1 photo Results
87.6%94.9%4910:58:02 M50  Mike Tyler Salem  OR      1   Results
86.5%88.0%2611:06:37 M33  Jeff Fisher Portland  OR          Results
86.2%91.8%811:08:52 M35  Yann Bernaquez Nanaimo  BC        photo Results
85.5%92.4%211:14:25 M27  Ben Taber Eugene  OR          Results
84.7%91.3%6311:20:33 M50  Yasushi Saito Mountain View  CA      1   Results
84.5%89.3%1111:22:44 M26  Colton Gale Beverly  MA      1 photo Results
83.1%97.4%411:34:09 M58  Torsten Heycke Ashland  OR          Results
82.4%83.9%511:39:53 M35  Paul Dzierba Portland  OR          Results
96.4%98.9%1811:46:14 F25  Camelia Mayfield Bend  OR          Results
81.0%82.8%1311:51:48 M35  Darren Tannas Victoria  BC          Results
80.4%89.7%1611:57:23 M51  Darrin Johnson South Range  WI          Results
80.1%93.9%9811:59:48 M71  Wayne Miles El Dorado  CA          Results
79.5%86.8%5712:05:36 M55  Paul Holovnia Chanhassen  MN        photo Results
93.3%93.2%1612:09:32 F37  Rachel Kelley Chapel Hill  NC        photo Results
79.0%84.6%1812:09:55 M31  Nick Shoemaker Placerville  CA        photo Results
79.0%84.3%612:10:17 M48  Chris Chiacchierini Portland  OR        photo Results
93.0%99.3%712:11:44 F23  Jasmine Mcgill Long Beach  CA          Results
78.7%81.3%1412:12:14 M39  Jason Wright Nanaimo  BC          Results
92.6%94.5%1912:15:13 F38  Stacey Cleveland Penticton  BC        photo Results
92.5%98.6%7112:16:15 F56  Meghan Arbogast Cool  CA      6 photo Results
78.3%85.0%10512:16:16 M56  Lee McKinley Auburn  CA      2 photo Results
91.6%93.4%2012:23:04 F37  Annie Rutledge Reno  NV      1   Results
77.5%78.1%1412:24:26 M35  Paul Etter Madras  OR          Results
77.3%79.6%812:25:59 M37  Kyle Weagant Victoria  BC        photo Results
76.5%78.5%512:33:35 M35  Abram Haen Truckee  CA          Results
76.5%82.2%2012:34:04 M35  Steve Lipetzky Helena  MT        photo Results
76.4%95.8%2012:34:22 M53  Andy Hamilton Eugene  OR          Results
76.4%79.5%3912:34:22 M44  Co Jones Eugene  OR      4 photo Results
76.4%80.6%18212:34:58 M49  Gary Wang Corte Madera  CA      5   Results
89.4%92.1%1512:41:21 F40  Sylvia Ravaglia Kamuela  HI        photo Results
74.8%77.1%812:50:42 M35  Matthew Wissbaum La Crosse  WI          Results
74.7%80.8%912:52:09 M46  Craig Companion Redmond  WA          Results
74.7%83.3%7212:52:09 M54  John Trent Reno  NV        photo Results
74.2%88.7%6512:57:15 M63  John Catts Nicasio  CA          Results
74.1%87.3%1012:57:47 M53  Andre Mare Portland  OR          Results
87.3%92.4%1212:59:29 F29  Alexis Gibbons Eugene  OR          Results
87.2%92.4%1613:00:34 F28  Victoria Mayfield Eugene  OR          Results
73.7%79.1%5513:02:32 M48  Will Aarsheim Larkspur  CA          Results
73.6%88.8%3513:03:23 M55  Jerry Nowak Medford  OR        photo Results
73.5%80.5%3013:04:01 M44  Matt Widzer Stanton  CA        photo Results
86.4%92.5%713:07:47 F30  Tory Scholz Squamish  BC          Results
73.2%85.4%1613:08:05 M48  Yu-Yen Mo San Jose  CA        photo Results
86.2%88.6%2713:09:59 F40  Roxana Pana Woodland  CA        photo Results
72.2%74.6%5713:18:14 M37  Stephen Petretto Portland  OR      1 photo Results
72.0%79.2%913:21:07 M33  David Herron Portland  OR        photo Results
72.0%72.9%613:21:20 M34  John Baston Portland  OR        photo Results
71.9%79.0%2613:21:47 M52  Patrick Hinds Lethbridge  AB        photo Results
71.8%77.5%4013:23:14 M48  Drake Tollenaar Tualatin  OR      1   Results
71.7%76.4%1613:23:48 M36  Greg Snyders Washington  DC          Results
71.5%76.4%3113:26:37 M48  Michael Westbrooks Richardson  TX          Results
71.5%79.1%4913:26:50 M52  Peter Fish Aptos  CA          Results
71.4%82.0%713:27:51 M45  Cory Norris Grass Valley  CA          Results
71.3%77.5%4313:28:39 M47  Nathan Hahn Burlingame  CA        photo Results
71.0%80.4%1513:31:50 M34  Casey Parks Encinitas  CA          Results
83.6%90.1%2113:34:45 F30  Rebecca Weast Culpeper  VA          Results
70.8%75.8%613:34:56 M33  Constantine Siatras Calgary  AB          Results
70.6%86.0%1313:36:40 M23  Austin Twietmeyer Auburn  CA        photo Results
83.3%89.3%1013:37:06 F27  Evelyn Cordner San Francisco  CA          Results
70.6%75.1%3313:37:08 M53  Michael Christiansen Oregon City  OR      2   Results
83.1%90.1%1813:38:58 F30  Kathryn Schuller Decatur  GA        photo Results
70.1%70.6%513:42:22 M33  Bryan Twardus Auburn  CA      1   Results
69.7%74.8%6213:47:27 M37  Garret Christensen Berkeley  CA          Results
69.6%84.2%2713:48:24 M55  Mike Acer Yardley  PA          Results
69.5%72.8%6313:49:07 M45  Todd Glender Eugene  OR      4   Results
69.5%72.2%3513:50:04 M40  Pablo Cabrera Seattle  WA        photo Results
69.3%78.6%813:51:37 M43  Ryan Foushee Beaverton  OR          Results
69.1%76.1%713:54:09 M44  Jonathan Pocock Sandy  UT          Results
81.5%85.5%2613:55:02 F43  Molly Knox Roseville  CA        photo Results
69.0%80.1%4213:55:22 M61  Richard Collins Cape Neddick  ME          Results
68.8%83.9%1713:57:33 M57  David Mount Portland  OR          Results
68.5%71.7%1514:01:49 M40  Faron Anslow Sooke  BC        photo Results
68.4% 114:02:34 M47  Roger Stevens Beaverton  OR          Results
68.4%73.5%1214:03:18 M47  Matthew Sinopoli Camp Hill  PA          Results
68.3%79.0%5014:04:03 M56  Cary Miller Fairview  OR      7   Results
68.3%74.7%2114:04:17 M45  Jason Donnell Chico  CA        photo Results
68.1%86.1%3814:07:01 M54  Peter Brewer Klamath Falls  OR        photo Results
68.0%71.5%414:07:31 M37  Shawn Weishaar Lake View  NY          Results
67.8%69.9%2514:10:46 M43  Lucian Latcu Clackamas  OR        photo Results
67.8%74.5%3914:10:46 M49  Jeffrey McAlpine Portland  OR      1 photo Results
80.0%82.7%1614:11:13 F35  Karly Simmons Cypress  TX        photo Results
67.6%72.5%6214:13:02 M34  Ryan Dempsey San Francisco  CA        photo Results
79.8%83.5%2614:13:15 F37  Tyler Lopez Sacramento  CA      1 photo Results
79.6%86.3%2114:14:51 F27  Bethany Williams Lynchburg  VA          Results
79.5%89.3%3314:15:56 F44  Megan Bruce Portland  OR          Results
79.5%92.3%8514:16:41 F60  Karen King Seattle  WA          Results
66.9%70.9%1514:22:29 M29  Clifton Williams Lynchburg  VA          Results
78.8%94.5%3414:24:11 F61  Margaret Dehesse Phoenix  AZ        photo Results
66.3%79.0%914:29:06 M30  Bobby Smith Weed  CA        photo Results
66.3%86.3%14814:29:54 M65  Clyde The Glide Aker Yreka  CA      5 photo Results
78.2%87.2%914:30:22 F46  Lesley Mettler Seattle  WA      1   Results
66.2%69.0%514:30:49 M34  Bradley Lane Washington  DC        photo Results
66.0%69.0%5114:33:03 M37  Moises Lucero Eugene  OR      3 photo Results
65.9%70.6%6414:35:03 M43  Kevin Karr Portland  OR      1 photo Results
65.8%65.8%114:35:50 M38  Jay Well Corvallis  OR          Results
65.6%72.6%2414:39:27 M47  Scott Vosburg Loomis  CA          Results
65.2%79.8%15914:44:51 M59  Glen Mangiantini Bellevue  WA        photo Results
65.1%69.0%1314:45:15 M44  David Manthey Highlands Ranch  CO        photo Results
65.0%68.6%1414:46:29 M39  Tyson Humble Vancouver  WA          Results
76.4%90.5%3714:51:13 F51  Dana Pabst Jacksonville  OR          Results
64.7%64.7%114:51:33 M40  Matthew Wysong Bend  OR          Results
76.3%94.0%12714:51:55 F59  Anne Crispino-Taylor Portland  OR      2 photo Results
64.6%65.4%414:52:31 M29  Jake Wittman Sacramento  CA          Results
76.0%89.0%3414:56:16 F51  Kerstin Lemay Shelton  WA        photo Results
64.2%81.6%9614:57:48 M61  Steven Greuel Etna  CA      8 photo Results
75.4%84.8%2615:02:56 F43  Nyleva Corley Austin  TX          Results
75.3%87.9%5015:04:29 F31  Laura Matz Sacramento  CA      1   Results
75.2%88.3%5115:05:41 F57  Pam Everett-Nielsen Laguna Niguel  CA      5 photo Results
63.6%68.0%915:06:07 M42  Leith Franklin San Rafael  CA          Results
63.5%76.9%2615:07:41 M57  Robert Hodge Grants Pass  OR      3 photo Results
74.8%84.9%715:09:56 F34  Lauren Steinheimer Succasunna  NJ        photo Results
74.8%82.1%2315:10:25 F44  Dana Duvivier Portland  OR      1 photo Results
74.7%82.9%2315:11:23 F44  Beth Collins Richardson  TX          Results
74.5%82.5%3715:14:19 F37  Allyson Thomas Conwell Carmichael  CA        photo Results
62.3%64.3%315:24:52 M40  Rob Graham bend  OR        photo Results
73.6%80.8%1015:25:23 F45  Deb Elliott Bend  OR          Results
73.5%80.9%3315:25:46 F47  Kimberly White Auburn  CA          Results
62.2%63.5%415:27:06 M34  Jeremy Wittman Fair Oaks  CA          Results
73.4%81.7%6415:27:39 F33  Catherine Pinkston Cincinnati  OH          Results
73.3%85.0%6715:28:32 F53  Deby Kumasaka Edmonds  WA        photo Results
62.0%67.5%515:30:15 M30  Ronald Lee Medford  OR          Results
73.1%79.5%5715:31:20 F38  Kimberly Kuhlmann Tacoma  WA      1   Results
61.8%65.5%1315:32:48 M39  Collin Andrew Eugene  OR      2 photo Results
61.4%62.6%1515:39:20 M35  Brandon Williams Bend  OR        photo Results
61.4%77.4%2115:39:29 M53  Jim Dole Grants Pass  OR      1 photo Results
61.3%66.5%3715:40:25 M33  Kynan Matz Sacramento  CA      1   Results
72.2%79.1%1915:43:12 F33  Allison Miles Bend  OR        photo Results
60.9%78.8%2315:46:26 M52  Mark Wright Lebanon  OR      2   Results
60.5%63.2%815:53:38 M40  Octavio Ocampo Guadalajara        1 photo Results
60.3%71.5%615:56:00 M54  Ken Moore Eden Prairie  MN          Results
60.2%80.3%415:58:04 M31  Christopher Dalton Dixon  CA          Results
70.6%86.0%1316:04:03 F55  Joyce Holloway North Bend  WA          Results
59.6%69.5%716:07:04 M46  John Taulborg Council Bluffs  IA          Results
59.2%66.6%416:13:36 M40  Jose Macias Clovis  CA          Results
58.9%67.7%516:19:23 M49  Andy Chan Seattle  WA          Results
58.6%60.5%1016:24:14 M31  Cole Peyton Bloomington  MN        photo Results
57.8%62.3%2216:37:31 M43  Mike Fuentes Portland  OR        photo Results
67.6%71.1%516:46:58 F29  Kimberly Behrman New York  NY          Results
57.0%57.8%316:51:21 M40  Brian Fanslau Portland  OR          Results
65.8%71.9%4217:14:59 F34  Heather Paladini ROSEVILLE  CA          Results
65.7%78.1%617:16:43 F46  Shannon Halda-Wipf Tigard  OR        photo Results
55.5%59.9%617:19:14 M46  Matt Mahaffy Portland  OR          Results
64.8%70.6%1417:30:38 F35  Carla Owen Bend  OR          Results
54.5%91.2%4117:38:07 M81  Peter Fish Gold Hill  OR      2 photo Results
54.4%67.8%3217:40:27 M60  Vernon Kent Portland  OR        photo Results
64.2%76.8%917:40:47 F45  Erica Teicheira Castro Valley  CA          Results
63.7%67.7%3317:49:16 F37  Jody Galvin Danville  CA          Results
63.7%71.8%1417:49:16 F45  Sarah Graham Bend  OR        photo Results
62.1%67.7%9718:17:01 F41  Jennifer Dicus Sparks  NV      2 photo Results
61.7%79.0%6118:22:53 F60  Christina Flaxel Portland  OR      1   Results
58.8%89.8%419:18:26 F57  Coral Hammond Aurora  OR          Results
  0  M41  Jason Lentz fargo  ND          Results
  0  M37  Joe Morrow Toronto  ON          Results
  0  M38  Jesse Kropelnicki Scituate  MA          Results
  0  M39  John Weddle Leadville  CO          Results
  0  M32  Kellen Ague-Kneeland Eugene  OR          Results
  0  F39  Claire Morrissey Dublin            Results
  0  F53  Delia Sanchez Salem  OR          Results
  0  M38  Henrique Fontenelle Rio de Janeiro          photo Results
  0  M38  Aaron Francis Dexter  OR          Results
  0  M55  Shawn McMahon The Pas  MB          Results
  0  M42  Budak Timuralp istanbul  TUR        photo Results